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We earn your satisfaction through our sheer work!
All the helium balloons are packaged in superior quality cellophane bags

Safe Package

We strictly follow manufacturer advices but give additional guarantee!

Flight guarantee

If your balloons sink within 12 hours, we will replace those balloons for free

Free exhange

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A bit of Science

As helium molecules heat they start moving and expanding, this movement puts pressure on a latex balloon and can cause it to expand and pop. On a hot day this movement will also speed up the float time of your balloon and significantly reduce it. On the opposite spectrum; when helium molecules get cold, they shrink which makes balloons, especially foils and mylar balloons appear underinflated. Be assured, once the balloons re-enter your warm car or home the molecules will re-expand and your balloons will look good as new. If left in the cold too long, the balloon may struggle to go back to “perfection”.

Balloon Guarantee & Replacement

On average, our balloons float for the following amount of time. We do not guarantee these float times as a number of factors can reduce this number. However - we do guarantee they’ll float for a full 12 hours. If they sink within that 12 hour time frame, please message us so we can issue you a replacement.

Balloon Float Times

Typically a standard 12” latex balloon will last at least 48 hours and up to 5+ days depending on heat and humidity. Exposure to warm temperatures can reduce the float time. Foil balloons generally last a week and sometimes more. Unlike latex balloons, mylar balloons hate the cold. If you have a mylar in air conditioning or a cold place, for a period of time, it WILL slowly deflate on you.

* Hi-Float is safe, nontoxic, water soluble and biodegradable used to extend the float time of latex balloons. *

Latex Balloons:

As latex balloons are biodegradable, it is normal that they (all colors and clear) oxidize and become cloudy over time as they degrade. Heat, sun and high humidity can accelerate this process. Latex balloons are not reusable. If your balloons are for an outdoor party, don’t bring them out until the last minute. That way they look fresh.

Mylar Balloons:

It is possible to re-use most foil balloons but we cannot guarantee that it will work every time as they are fairly delicate but it is worth a try. Expel the air from your balloon by inserting a long straw quite a distance into the self sealing valve, the air will then start to come out and you can flatten and fold your balloon.


Avoid Sunlight

Heat and sunlight act like kryptonite to balloons. Storing your balloons in a cool place can do wonders for making them last much longer than they would otherwise. For foil balloons, try to maintain a consistent temperature so they won’t be shocked and damaged by the fluctuations.

Heat Sensitivity

If you are throwing an all-day outdoor party or weekend event, you will want to take extra precautions to preserve your balloons. Helium molecules expand when exposed to heat, and this continual increase of heat and pressure from the molecules moving about may lead to noisy and disruptive balloon popping. You may be tempted to throw some water on them to cool them off, but that can actually cause them to stick together and pop as well. Instead, stick with light coloured balloons since they won’t heat up as fast as their dark counterparts would. Also, bring them indoors at the end of the day so they are not left out all night. As the temperature drops, the balloons will shrink and when they become enlarged the next morning it may lead to popping. We cannot guaranteed balloons used outdoors.


Latex balloons 12”: 2-4 days

Latex ballooons 18”+ : 4-7 days

Mylar/Foils: 5+ days and up to 2 weeks

All of our latex balloons are hifloated for free to optimize their float life.

Please note, any balloons stuffed with confetti will greatly lessen the float time due to the added weight. These balloons are guaranteed to float for 24 hours.

Balloons and Cars

It is very important to get your balloons home or to your event as soon as possible. Balloons can pop when exposed to hot metal objects such as awnings, the outside of the car or seatbelt parts. We recommend turning on air conditioning to allow for the temperature of the car to come down before placing balloons into the car. Do not leave car unattended while it’s turned on. If air conditioning is not available, you may want to open your doors and allow the car to ‘air out’ for a few minutes. Traveling with your windows “partially” down so there is a cross breeze can be helpful. Balloons may escape if the window/s are opened too far.

NOTE: Helium expands in the heat. Warm or hot temperatures can bring balloons down faster than their proper float time and may result in popping.


Balloons and the wind

Make sure your balloons are secured in your hands (we even suggest hugging those jumbo balloons) as they are being placed in a car. Yanking a balloon into the car in the opposite direction of the wind can cause your balloon to pop or tear due to the force. No. We do not replace balloons for free if they blow away.

Balloons and ceiling

It is very rare to find an actual flat ceiling. Certain materials (such as stucco, sound board, rough ceiling, cedar, sprinkler nozzles halogen lighting, etc.) may cause balloons to pop. Regular light bulbs may not pop balloons. If you are not sure if your balloons will pop on your ceiling, get a sample balloon and let it go to the ceiling several times in several spots. This will help alleviate wasted time and money guessing if the effect will work.

Bagged balloons

Bags should be used for transportation only and balloons should be in the bag for no longer than an hour or so. Extended periods of time in bags can reduce the balloon float time.

Pet precautions

If you live with pets, store your balloons in a room that they cannot access. When your puppy pals and feline friends are left to their own devices, they will have a ball playing with the strings and potentially puncturing the balloon itself. Keep balloons away to help you furry friends’ safety too, since they could get caught in the strings or ingest the popped balloon. Same for young children: Keep them away from balloons and strings too.
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